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Image by Scott Webb

Wholesaling Our Candles

Hey y'all we are so stoked you're interested in wholesaling our one-of-a-kind candles, together we can share eco-friendly products that will make our Earth happy! Not only can you link arms with us, but if you have a business, we can link arms with it as well! Here at Green Goddess our customized wholesaling candles have been a huge hit, this is where we make you a branded candle that you can sell in your business! Now you can share quality products with your guests & have an advertisement in one!

Check out some of the businesses we've linked arms with in creating their own custom candles!

You can shop these candles at the specific Brand's location ONLY.

Let's Chat Wholesale!

Want to sell our candles or have customized candles for your brand? Message us for more information!

Thanks for messaging us, we will get back to you soon!

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