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Sage Sticks

Sage Sticks

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When burning the sage, make sure to keep positive thoughts while letting the smoke and aroma flow throuhgout your space. Your thoughts are getting distributed through the energy of the sage, so what you think, becomes your space.


Sage can be used for multiple reasons, use it to your desires.



$5 per stick

Smudging Instructions

Use caution at all times! Open a window a little/as desired so smoke does not build up. This allows the negativer energy to leave your space as well.

If the sage is wrapped together very tightly, you can loosen it up by pulling it a part a little bit and un wrapping it.

Light your sage for about 15-35 seconds. Hold the flame to the tip, slowly rotate the bundle in different directions to burn evenly. USE CAUTION!

Sage will stop burning on its own after a few minutes, but you can relight it if needed and continue. Use caution and ensure you have a window open still.

When finished store your sage in a moister free area.

Start furthest from the exit and fan the smoke throughout the room (some use feathers but use whatever works for you), fan towards the exit while continuing the positive thoughts.

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