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Reed Diffuser 'Freshly Squeezed Lemons' Scented with lemon essential oil

Reed Diffuser 'Freshly Squeezed Lemons' Scented with lemon essential oil

Looking for a room fragrance without having to burn candles or melt wax? LOOK NO FURTHER! We are in love with this reed diffuser, not only is it crafted inside of a USED BEER BOTTLE like our candles, but the fragrance is actually Lemon Essential Oil! You can get the freshness without compromising your health, all of our products are high end with not only your best interest in mind, but the earth's too! This aroma smells like a freshly peeled lemon, its tart burst of sour lemon & the zest! This reed diffuser is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms & nurseries!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we are keeping the original labels of the bottle maker on & adding ours on the other side of the bottle, please know that this means you can get a different color & brand than what the picture shows. You will get the same quality and amount of product, it's just the bottle style that varies. There may be multiple bottles shown in the picture, you're only getting 1 Beer Bottle Room Diffuser as this product listing.


Make sure to check out our section of Reed Diffuser Care, this is necessary for using the product in safe & correct ways! 


*We do keep the labels of original bottle/drink makers on our room diffusers, this does not mean we are affiliated with them, nor do we claim to be. We are simply taking a bottle that would've ended up in a landfill and turning it into a high end product! Just like all of our products, once it is purchased and left the facility, we as a business & owners are not liable for anything that happens within the customers care/hands.*

  • Reed Diffuser Care

    -Carefully remove seal of diffuser bottle & stick reeds inside.

    -Place reed diffuser on coaster/plate/tray to keep oil drips from damaging surface.

    -Place in well ventilated area to encourage good fragrance circulation. 

    -Every 3-4 days, refresh the fragrance by flipping the reeds (wash hands thoroughly, directly after and avoid contact with face & eyes).

    -Keep away from pets, children & flammable objects!

    -Wash hands thoroughly if coming in contact with oil.


    Please follow these instructions to promote the full experience & safety of your Green Goddess products!

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