Green Forest

About Green Goddess

How We Got Here

Green Goddess started with one soul and vision, a vision that all started with the founder, Mackenzie Edmiston. This vision was to create candles that everyone could enjoy, but why stop there? We decided to take it another step forward, and used recycled beer bottles as the jars. The process of this all starts with collecting bottles in bulk by teaming up with local bars and breweries, rinsing them out, cutting them in half, washing them, taking labels off, wicking, pouring the soy wax in, labeling them, and then getting them to our customers! This is so important to us because our guests deserve the highest quality products that they can get, but in a way where they can make a difference in helping the earth!

We enjoy the process every step of the way, and would love to hear about your experience with Green Goddess!


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Store Hours

Sunday-Monday: Closed

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