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Green Forest

Our Story

From One Vision, To A World Wide Mission!


Before Green Goddess was even a though, many years ago, Mackenzie Dennis (the Founder & Co-Owner) worked for a very large candle company. This is where she learned about different products, but most importantly the corners cut in such large businesses. A lot of people will buy a product off of a shelf or in a large store without knowing what's in the product & if it's even good for you! 

Years later, Mackenzie was inspired to start making candles after having such a passion for them, however, one thing that she was driven on not cut corners for the customers & our Earth. Two of the most important factors that she made sure of is; pure ingredients that are good for us & our pets, also a product that is eco-friendly. Too many businesses get lazy on the aspect of doing good for our earth, while making a larger profit on cutting costs...good thing you'll never have to worry about this with Green Goddess!

The idea of crafted clean candles inside of used Beer Bottles with 100% recycled material labels quickly came into fruition. This was so new and the process was definitely complicated at first, but it became a breeze eventually.

About a few months later, the dream of opening a store front was mentioned to Mackenzie's mother, Jodie Edmiston (co-owner), Jodie stated that if it was something she was interested in, then they better start looking sooner than later. That was the moment Mackenzie asked her mother to go into business with her & start this journey together. The winter of this year is when they took a stroll around downtown Latrobe, Pennsylvania and stumbled upon an old run down insurance building. Jodie saw the image right away, Mackenzie...not so much. It took a little bit of thinking, but with a little bit of faith, it went a long way and they ended up signing for the building!

March 19, 2022

The Grand Opening of Green Goddess was now LIVE & now the journey was more real than ever! It is from the immense support from all of you, our community, and those who purchase from all over the USA that this is possible.

Together we can leave a better impact on our earth, encourage others to do so, and make a stand for change!

None of this would be possible without you, your purchase & your support means the world!


Make sure to check out our Etsy Shop, we ship outside of the USA on there & also have a complete different inventory!

Etsy: GreenGoddessCandleCo


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Store Hours

Sunday-Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11am-5pm

Wednesday: 11am-6pm

Thursday: 11am-5pm

Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday: 10am-12pm

About Us: About Us

"How Do You Cut The Bottles?"

The Man, The Myth, The Legend...Brian. The Father of our founder & co-owner, he is the back bone of Green Goddess & the one who cuts all of our bottles...sometimes even 700+ at a time! His dedication to our small business is the reason why we can continue to bring you these products. We do not share our secret to cutting the bottles, however there are many ways that you can do so, but this man right here has it down to a science! We hope you appreciate Brian as much as we do!

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