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Not Only Your Favorite Candles, But The Earth's Too!

Founder: Mackenzie Edmiston
Co-Founder: Jodie Edmiston


Why Our Candles?
Here at Green Goddess we craft our one of a kind candles inside of Beer/Wine/Whiskey Bottles (with 100% recycled material labels)! This allows us to be as eco-friendly as possible, all while encouraging those around us and our guests to do the same. We paired up with our local bars to help spread this vision as well, while doing this we found out that a lot of colored bottles cannot be recycled, leading them to end up in landfills...NOT WITH US! All of our candles are 100% Soy (sometimes 100% beeswax for select candle molds), hand poured with love, high hot/cold throw (smell the candles with/without lighting it) and formulated to have a low flammability, burn very clean and slow which will have your candle lasting a long time! Worried about burning this candle around your babies and pets? No worries, compared to other brands, Green Goddess candles are formulated with high end fragrance & essential oils along with our clean wax...allowing you to enjoy your candles without any worries!

Let's Be Real!

We love being 100% transparent with our guests, because y'all deserve the best! So let's get down to the nitty gritty!

Plain Clear Beer Bottle.jpg

Why Beer Bottles?

After working for a name brand candle company, our co-founder, Mackenzie Dennis, realized how much waste is created by selling  products that cannot be upcycled...but only adds to the waste which pollutes our Earth!

Knowing this...why would we want to just ADD to the problem? Which is why we came up with the beer bottle idea, which allows us to bring quality, clean product into our home, which helps our earth in the long run!

Momma & I Grass Wall Pic.jpg

Why Your Purchase Matters

Here at Green Goddess we appreciate every guest that purchases off of us, not only because you're supporting a mother-daughter owned business, but your allowing us to take advantage of the opportunity to upcycle! This also sets an example for other brands to change their ways, and to do better for our Earth!

Plant in Beer Bottle.jpg

What To Do With Your Candles After Used?

All you beautiful souls inspire us to do better everyday. One example is what y'all chose to do with your beer bottle candle jars after you've used all of the candle! To encourage each other to keep upcycling products as much as possible, use the hashtag #GGAfterCandleCraft

Some of your ideas so far:

-Plant Pot

-Plant Propagation

-Coin Holder

-Pencil/Makeup Brush Holder

-Flower Vase

Mackenzie Dennis

Hey ya'll my name is Mackenzie and I'm so happy you're here! Thanks for checking us out, we really appreciate you! If you're not sure where to start w/ our products, here are my ULTIMATE favorites!

  • BaOx (Sativa) Full Spectrum CBD Vape

  • Saturday Morning & Appalachian Mountain Candle!

  • Tropical Full Spectrum CBD Salve!

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Mom and I.jpg

Jodie Edmiston

Hey guys! My name is Jodie I am a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist & RN and I am so stoked to back these products and help ya'll have the best experience! 

If you're not 100% sure on where to start, I always recommend people starting with some of my favs!

  • Boujee Bears!

  • Abacus, Watermelon, Cherry Uno in our Full Spectrum Vapes!

  • Menthol Full Spectrum CBD Salve!

  • Hometown  Candle!

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Store Hours
Sunday-Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11am-5pm
Wednesday: 11am-6pm
Thursday: 11am-5pm
Friday: 11am-4pm
Saturday: 10am-12pm

Please know that during market seasons, our hours can change or the store may be closed. We highly encourage checking our social media pages to double check we are open! Thank you for your understanding!

315 Depot St Latrobe PA, 15650
Store Phone Number (724)961-5589
Etsy: GreenGoddessCandleCo

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